darren-nolander-humanCustomer service is evolving as it adapts to technology and consumer preferences. Part of this evolution is changing the way we “sell.” In fact, it involves not selling anything. Rather than finding new ways to sell your product to people, what if, instead, you discovered new strategies that would organically garner you an invitation to have a conversation with that customer?

Marketing whiz and public speaker Mark Schaefer believes this is the mindset shift you need to advance in the new economy. It essentially involves taking a more humanistic approach to customer service and focusing on what he calls the “constant human truths.”

A few of those truths are that:

– Our customers become our marketing department if they feel they’ve been well served by us. This is in the form of word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews.

– Storytelling is always a primary part of any good marketing strategy, but we must not forget who the storyteller is in favor of the story itself.

– Our “why” isn’t important; their “why” is what matters.

– Technology should be present, yet invisible in your business. Use it to streamline operations, communicate effectively, analyze data and, most importantly, to free you up for more face time with the customer. Don’t make these tools the bells and whistles your business hangs its hat on.

When we shift our frame from “me” to “you,” we bring a new perspective into our line of vision. Sales are great. They’re our livelihood. But no one wants to be “sold” something. Instead, consumers are eager to be educated on the resources, tools and advancements that can inch them closer to their goals – whatever they may be. Find a way for consumers to discover you have what they want, and the product sells itself.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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