Three ways scrappy individuals can successfully move their intentions forward while others are bogged down in logistics, formality or unnecessary complexities.

darren-nolander-scrappyI had the pleasure of listening to Terri Sjodin, author of “Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big” and a speaker at FAM’s Sales Rally in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Sjodin’s concept is simple. Attack your goals with enthusiasm, spunk and gusto. In other words, get scrappy! No need to overcomplicate the process. Sjodin provided three ways scrappy individuals can successfully move their intentions forward while others are bogged down in logistics, formality or unnecessary complexities.

  1. Reach Out in Unique Ways

Everyone sends Christmas and Hanukah cards, right? Sjodin believes this strategy can ensure your $4.99 piece of glossy folded paper will get thrown on a stack with all the rest. Instead, she recommends sending Thanksgiving cards. Or even St. Patrick’s Day greetings when people aren’t expecting these types of communications. This can set you apart and connect with your intended target at a less busy time of year when they may still have some availability.

  1. Take a Walking Meeting

Coffee. Lunch. Happy hour. It’s all been done. Though walking has been around for, well, a really long time, the idea of getting outside and moving about in the sunlight can set the tone for a positive meeting. It also helps break down some of the formalities and awkwardness associated with these meetings. Why do you think so many of these encounters are held over alcohol? Do something healthy and different instead. Your meeting partner is sure to “walk away” with an enjoyable experience.

  1. Treat Them to a Good Time

Networking, charity, and other sports- and entertainment-focused events can be pricey. Need a fourth player for Saturday’s golf tournament? Why not invite a prospective client or loan officer? Many of us don’t even realize how many events and tickets come our way that we never use. If we started to actually redeem these promotions, subscriptions or even freebies, we would have a world of fun, compelling events that may be the perfect “in” for your next prospect. Almost anything is fair game here, from yoga classes to golf tournaments, operas, gallery exhibits, concerts, sporting events or restaurant openings.

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