yoga-at-your-desk-400x400They say no man (or woman) is an island, and that’s particularly true in sales where referrals can make up a healthy portion of our pipelines. The goal is never one and done, so relationships shouldn’t be, either. Instead, communication is an ongoing process where you build a mutually beneficial relationship.

So, check in with your realtor partners. How are they faring in these challenging times? What’s it been like working from home? Are virtual home tours successful? Have they seen demand escalate with such little supply, or are most players trying to wait out the pandemic? What is going well right now and what has been difficult? How can you help?

Note that most of these questions are centered on the realtor. That’s because we’re checking in with the realtor. It’s about them. It’s easy to get lost in the game of “what’s in it for me” when we’re talking to someone who we view as a source of leads and, therefore, profit. Take that off the table, though. Make this about them. The only time you should come into the equation is when you’re asking how you can help.

Use this same strategy with other strategic partners like accountants, estate planning attorneys, and everyone else in your network.  This is an uncertain time and people are responding in a number of different ways. Ask more questions.  See what’s going in their business.  Talk about trends they might be seeing and why. Then see where you can add value.

This is a win for you no matter what. At the very least, it strengthens the relationship and puts you at the top of their list the next time they do come across someone who needs a loan. Beyond that, you may just get a few leads or testimonials thrown your way. But that’s the icing. Not the cake!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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