darren-gameYou’re always torn, I know. Do you work on the long-term goals that will yield big in a distant future, or do you focus on the smaller tasks that don’t pack as big of a punch, but give you a little shot of instant gratification? The answer is both.

If you’re too focused on what’s good for today, you’ll never hit those big, long-term objectives. On the flipside, if you’re only focused on the long plays, it can feel like you’re working hard for no payoff and few results. 

Another way to look at the long- and short-term is by thinking of them as the macro and micro plays. When viewed through this lens, it becomes apparent that both time periods should help you achieve the same goals. 

For example, your macro goal may be to increase the value of your annual loan closings by 20%. Great goal – and one that will provide just enough challenge as we exit a year filled with refinances and home buying. 

The micro – or short-term – goals may include:

  • Creating a weekly schedule of tasks that may increase business
  • Executing those tasks
  • Reviewing your progress on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis
  • Adjusting how your time is spent based on results

In this sense, even small tasks like cleaning out your inbox every week before 4 p.m. on Friday become important. However, since these tasks are done in pursuit of a larger objective, your focus doesn’t remain on the literal task. 

How easy it would be to leave work on a Friday and consider the week a success simply because our inbox was cleared! On the other hand, if we know our inbox is clear, then we know we responded to every important communication, thereby keeping the ball rolling as we try to close current applications while processing new ones. See the difference in mentality? 

If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you know it’s all about micro movements. Those movements may seem mundane – easy, even – until you try them with the intention and precision that is demanded. Once that happens, you’ll likely discover you have muscles you never even knew you had – and they’ve suddenly come alive from the tiniest movements! Mastering the short game to win the long game is much the same way. 

Don’t simply create and execute tasks so you can cross something off your to-do list. Do them with intention, knowing these efforts will snowball to knock your 2022 goals out of the park!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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