darren-nolander-relationshipsIt’s been a loooong pandemic. Chances are you have friends, colleagues and even family members you haven’t seen in quite a while. Being in the sales industry, relationships are a crucial part of our business, so don’t let yours fall by the wayside.

That may have been easier said than done these past 15 months, but there are some things you can do to reignite the conversation and buoy any relationships that have slipped.

Make it a Habit

Identify your best clients and referral partners, then make it a habit to stay in touch. This doesn’t have to mean a 20-minute catch-up call. It can be as simple as sending an email, text or DM that lets those who’ve been loyal to you know you’re thinking about them. Ask how they are, see what’s new, and acknowledge any important milestones that may have occurred recently or are on the horizon.

You can even schedule time for these catch-up sessions in your calendar so you don’t forget to check in every now and then.

Utilize Email Marketing

Not every contact in your rolodex is a close one. That doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with that person, however. Instead, create targeted emails that keep your name and expertise at the forefront of these connections’ minds. You can do this through educational emails that provide insight and advice on the current housing market or offer emails where you provide an incentive for “calling now.”

Keep your subject lines brief and to the point.

Be Authentically You

Some people have a habit of putting on different “hats” depending on who they’re talking to or what they want out of that person. Don’t let this be you. Put the hats down in favor of an honest, authentic conversation and show them who you truly are. No need to fake funny if that’s not your strong suit. Resist the urge to forge inorganic connections by pretending to be interested in a hobby, sports team or subject you’re not (though be polite if the discussion is already on the topic). Instead, reveal your true self.

This is a strategy that will work regardless of whether you’re reaching out to a long-time associate or following up on a lead from a month ago. People can smell a sales pitch and desperation a mile away. So make your goal to simply reconnect, ask how they’re doing and what they need help with.

Building relationships requires trust and credibility. The key is delivering ongoing value in the form of continuous education.  If you can do that, you’ll find that your relationships will prosper.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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