The Relentless Pursuit of Life by One Man

The power of never, ever giving up

darren-nolander-jon-morrow-newsletterYesterday, I met an amazing man, and it changed my life. I may not have gotten to meet Jon Morrow in person, but through the powers of social media, I came across an article of his that has gone viral. It’s one of those pieces I can’t unread.

Jon is almost totally paralyzed. The only parts of his body he can move are his eyes and lips. That is just one minute detail of Jon, however. He’s also a self-made millionaire who has built several magazines, written articles read by more than five million people and lived in some of the most beautiful destinations all over the world. Jon has also taken some hard knocks over the years, including more than 50 broken bones, 16 bouts of pneumonia and a terrible car accident that made his severe disability even harder to deal with. Yet he persevered. In his latest blog post, “7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face,” Jon outlines how we can all overcome obstacles – both the ones life throws at us and the ones we create in our minds. As Jon says, if a guy can create a multi-million-dollar empire through just the use of his tongue and lips, what are your excuses? The answer is none. You have none.

Whatever your resolution or goal is this year, keep Jon in mind as you pursue it and aim to stay on track. Just be sure to check in with yourself every now and then to make sure this is something that will add pride, happiness and fulfillment to your life, and not simply a numbers competition.

I very much encourage you to read all seven of Jon’s lessons. It’s a quick read as you immediately become engulfed in Jon’s wise words, funny anecdotes and meaningful prose. Jon may have outlined seven life lessons, but I myself took 10 more teachings away from that.

They include:

1. It’s never hopeless

2. Nothing is ever set in stone

3. Creative thinking is rarely punished

4. It’s how many times you get up that counts

5. Your response is everything: do you fight or do you flight?

6. Above all else, be prepared

7. Luck is made and earned, not given

8. Fear is the greatest motivator

9. The Crazies do, in fact, rule the world

10. You always have options

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