darren-stay-on-your-toesRemaining nimble and agile will help you navigate the ever-changing waters of this pandemic. When you’re prepared, you have a great sense of what your next move will be…but when you’re prepared and flexible, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to weather the storm.

It’s All About Surviving and Thriving

Create a playbook that can help see you through this pandemic and 2021. This should not only include a list of your goals and the steps you can take to achieve them, but how these goals and the path to them may alter if your situation changes.

You definitely don’t want to be all doom and gloom, but you do want to prepare for a rainy day, especially as restrictions continue to change. This is especially important if you’re working from home or homeschooling kids right now. We all start off with the best of intentions before quickly realizing how a school closure or sick family member can quickly throw our plans into chaos.

So plan for chaos instead. It will make it that much easier to thrive if the ride is, indeed, smooth sailing.

Prepare for the Worst

Your goals and the path toward achieving them aren’t the only things that may change if the tides turn. Cash flow, customer retention and staff size may all need to be addressed, depending on the environment. So plan ahead.

Go through an “emergency preparedness” plan in your head and play out the worst-case scenario. What expenses do you trim and how lean can you make your budget without affecting operations? What message will you want to convey to new and existing customers in a time of fear and/or uncertainty? How might your staff’s hours and responsibilities change if payroll needs to be addressed? These scenarios aren’t pretty, but the good news is they’re totally fictitious – for now.

As real estate veterans can tell you, anything can happen. Don’t wait for that day to determine your plan of action. Instead, make that new budget, write that message and re-delegate duties. Then keep those plans neatly tucked away. Chances are, you’ll never have to use them (but you’ll be ready if you do!).

Leverage Rapid Change

Since you’re now a business prepper, you’re on the cutting edge of the tools that can help you maintain and grow your pipeline. So use them to your advantage. Invest in your work-from-home setup, master the tele-business game, and set aside some time to connect one on one with your most valuable connections, colleagues and clients.

Once all this is done, invest in yourself and your business by exploring new tools, products and services that may enhance your operation in these unique times. Many of these commodities come with free trials or samples. Take advantage of these offers, read reviews, then determine where your time and money will yield the best results for you and your clients.

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