Take a Vacation from Coasting

Summer break isn’t a great excuse for missing goals, neglecting to return correspondence or failing to line up prospects once your actual vacation ends.

darren-nolander-coasting-featuredIt’s summer. Unofficially, anyway, but we all know that Memorial Day tends to usher in thoughts of long weekends, visions of oceanic horizons and feelings of the sand between our toes. Those are just a few of the beauties displayed by this wonderful season. And don’t get me wrong, I want you to enjoy it.

But here’s the thing about vacations and the old idea of “summer break” – it has to come to an end sometime. And when it does, many people are often left scrambling to replenish their pipelines and finish the year strong. Remember those goals you set at the end of 2016 that began as soon as the spilled champagne was wiped up on Jan. 2? Yeah, they’re still there. Just waiting to be fulfilled. They’ll remain there whether you take a two-week cruise to Europe, decide to work remotely from Aruba or catch the brilliant sunset after a productive day in the office.

Summer break isn’t a great excuse for missing goals, neglecting to return correspondence or failing to line up prospects once your actual vacation ends. So take some time now before the summer gets into full swing to determine how you’re going to remain on track for a successful fall while celebrating all that summer has to offer.

Summer Strategies

That starts with discipline, routine and consistency.

Discipline – Anthony Iannarino, founder of TheSalesBlog, notes there are many actionable strategies we can all put into place to execute our sales numbers. They involve nurturing your clients; planning to ensure you don’t waste their time – or yours; creating value that demonstrates the benefits of working with you and FAM; presenting yourself as a person of integrity to build trust; and listening to show genuine concern for your clients.

Routine – I’ve talked about this a lot on this blog, so you should know the drill here: find positive habits that enhance your ability to close deals in a more effective and efficient way and integrate them into your daily/weekly/monthly life. Re-evaluate from time to time to ensure peak performance. Repeat.

Consistency – This one is particularly important during summer when “out of office” replies are rampant and clients are left to wonder if they really have to wait seven days to hear from you because you’re on a remote island off the South Pacific. If that really is the case, fine. Enjoy your vacation…but not before you put a plan in place to alert your clients of your impending trip, offer them your availability ahead of time if they have questions or need to meet and provide them (and your colleagues) with specific contact information in the event they do need to discuss an important matter. Be sure to clean out your inbox and complete your follow-ups before you leave, and once again immediately upon your return to demonstrate your reliability and care.

Once you’ve gone through all your emails and returned phone calls, you’ll want to see where you fall on your goal-achievement scale for 2017. How did the second quarter stack up to the mid-year marker? What are your accurate predictions for your third quarter performance, and do you need to kick it into high gear now to compensate for any intentional or unintentional coasting?

Remaining accountable to yourself, your FAM colleagues and your clients will hopefully allow you to achieve the ideal balance between summer loving and that high that only comes when you’ve put in the hard work and smashed that goal of yours. So get out there and make your dreams happen!

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