daren-thankfulLook, I’m not going to deny that these can feel like trying times. Even though the mortgage industry has weathered the pandemic exceptionally well, there are still challenges and uncertainties that can leave us feeling drained, deflated and, most of all, scared. It’s completely okay to acknowledge this. We don’t have to be super heroes every second of every day.

If things begin to feel overwhelming, take that as your cue to step back. Take a breath, play with your dog, grab a snack or even just look out your window for a second. Then come back and re-evaluate the situation.

Technology is wonderful, but one of its major downsides is the 24/7 cycle of information. It can feel like news and events that threaten our well-being are constantly coming at us, so feel free to take a news and (personal) social media break whenever you like.

When you feel like you’re in a better place, you can then focus on bringing a sense of warmth and positivity to your day.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Watch a funny video – Keep a file handy where you can store links to funny memes, anecdotes and videos that have gone viral. Sift through this file when you need a quick pick-me-up.
  • Check in on others – If you’re feeling down, chances are someone else might be, too. Make a point of checking in on neighbors and loved ones. That connection is bound to benefit both of you.
  • Shop local – Sometimes helping is the best way to stave off the blues – and we know our local businesses could use it right now! If you can, make it a point to buy from neighborhood restaurants and retailers, knowing you’re supporting a small business in the process.
  • Send some support – A card, a Postmates delivery, an Amazon package. Whatever your preference, sending out little tokens of care every now and then can do wonders for the spirit, especially if your recipient is elderly.
  • Use free time wisely – Turn off the news and choose a meaningful activity instead. You don’t have to take up ballroom dancing on your 10-minute break, but that’s certainly enough time to do a quick stretch session, ask your spouse how their day was or hang a few holiday decorations. Have even more time? Get outside! Run, walk, bike, hoverboard – whatever your choice of transportation, a little fresh air will certainly do you good.
  • Give thanks – And not just because it’s Thanksgiving. Recognizing all you have and all that’s gone right is an amazing way to counterbalance feelings of defeat and scarcity. Remember, no matter what, that you still have much to be thankful for.

Focus on the positive so that you have the energy and resolve needed to weather this storm. March forward with determination and hope.  We’ll get through this!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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