The Third Quarter is Upon Us…Which Means the End is Near

What bankers should be doing in the third quarter to ensure a successful end to 2016 and a head start on 2017.


darren-nolander-third-quarter-featuredThe third quarter can be exciting for many reasons. We’re just coming off a summer high and the holidays are right around the corner, which means a new year is right around the corner as well. It’s easy to lose track of this period between vacations and holiday time spend with friends and family. While this great time of year should be enjoyed, it should also serve as an important marker of your progress, both within Finance of America and in terms of your personal goals.

The third quarter is an ideal time for reflection. Am I on pace to hit my 2016 goals? If not, take some time to determine why and, if need be, readjust. Will I be able to set realistic goals for 2017 based on the progress I made this year? Remember, past performance is a key indicator of future success (or lack thereof). Where did I falter, where did I excel, and how can I play up my strengths while minimizing – or improving upon – my weaknesses? We all have them, strengths and weaknesses, that is. While a weakness is not a free pass to excuse a less than stellar performance, identifying one and ensuring it will not sabotage your goals is the first step to keeping yours in check.

Though many welcome distractions abound this time of year, don’t let them completely derail you from the targets you worked so hard all year to achieve. Instead, think of the third quarter as the home stretch. You don’t let up as the finish line is in sight. You give it everything you’ve got to finish ahead of the pack and secure your best personal performance.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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