The Top 4 Mortgage Industry Sources You Should Be Following

darren-nolander-market-resources-featuredWe all have our go-to sources of news and information, particularly as they relate to our professions and personal development. While I hope you consider myself and Finance of America’s wonderful resources as strong channels of information, we are not news organizations. Part of being the best means focusing on what you’re good at: arming the elite mortgage bankers of today with the tools necessary to help the homeowners of tomorrow.

So that’s what we do and we’re sticking to it. I am thrilled to continually offer you insight into the most pertinent issues affecting you as an important member of Finance of America, but am happy to defer to the news sources below for your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly industry news needs. Because after all, bringing you housing market and mortgage news is what they do best…

1. HousingWire

I love HousingWire because it’s all things housing, all the time. What do we do? Qualify hardworking people for home loans so they can invest in a stable place to live…all the time. Kind of a match made in heaven, right? HousingWire’s website has a running news section that pulls industry-related news from some of the top organizations in the U.S. and world. The great thing about this site is that you’ll encounter niche trends and news that the large, more global guys just won’t cover because they have such a gamut of stories to get through everyday to reach the widest audience. With HousingWire, the single-family home population is its audience.

2. Federal Reserve

Keeping up with the Fed is just good, diligent business. While we’ll always hear about the major announcements through large news outlets, industry sources or our colleagues here at Finance of America, the Fed’s website should nevertheless be viewed as a key resource. From its News & Events section to Banking Information & Regulation, Economic Research & Data and Publications, the information put forth by the central bank of the U.S. should never be overlooked or underappreciated.

3. MBA News

There is probably no better, more unbiased place to turn for mortgage news than the Mortgage Bankers Association. As an advocate for the real estate finance industry, this should be one of your top sources for up-to-date news, reports and trends. There News and Press Release section is particularly useful, and should be perused on a fairly regular basis.

4. Forbes

Forbes is a trusted source for many news topics, but I like this magazine and online news website because it regularly provides compelling, useful content that’s relevant to us in the mortgage industry. It looks at our industry from the banker’s standpoint, from the homeowner’s standpoint and even from a much broader, macroeconomic standpoint. Forbes’ real estate investing section can give you a lot of information on the housing industry – information that is useful to you and your borrowers.

I hope these four sources bring you great insight and – who knows – perhaps even a little business once you put some of this newfound knowledge to good use. I’d love to hear from you regarding the industry sources you trust and genuinely enjoy reading. Drop me an email anytime at

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