Trifecta of Inspiration

We can take inspiration from a variety of sources. Our bosses, our colleagues. Our friends, our family. From the broadest views at the top of Mount Everest to a community college student’s first art assignment. Inspiration is all around. It’s there for the taking.

On that note, I want to give you a brief introduction into three of the people who inspire my growth and influence the pursuit of my goals – both personally and professionally. I provide this introduction not because what inspires me should inspire you in the exact same way, but to show you that every one of us has a story to tell, a lesson to provide and inspiration to offer – including you.

I’m also providing this introduction because I think mortgage bankers all too often feel obligated to cite finance gurus as the only people they can look up to. While there is absolutely something to be said for respecting and learning from the top, most talented experts in your field, this kind of myopic view can lead to tunnel vision, creating dangerous ruts when advice and inspiration all come from the exact same well.

On that note…

1. Ted Ryce

darren-nolander-ted-ryceHigh performance doesn’t even begin to describe Ted Ryce. The personal trainer, peak performance coach and podcast host sets the bar high and then works his you-know-what off to crush it. Rather than letting a slew of family tragedies devastate him for life, Ryce channeled his pain into his love of health and fitness, ultimately creating something positive out of unimaginable pain.

Today, Ryce has devoted his life to helping others pursue and achieve what they thought was impossible. This success occurs both inside and out of the gym. He also helps others overcome unhealthy or ineffective habits, replacing them with sustainable, productive behaviors that can improve their performance and, therefore, quality of life.


2. Rachel Cruze

darren-nolander-rachel-cruzSpeaking of finance experts, Rachel Cruze is an extraordinary source of wisdom for all American families. Daughter of legendary money expert Dave Ramsey, Cruze provides the type of easy-to-follow, yet brilliant advice that can put many Americans on the path to financial freedom and success.

The type of advice Cruze gives is the type of advice many of our first-time homebuyer clients could really use. She gives tips on everything from paying for college to living a debt-free life. New babies, big-home purchases and retirement are topics Cruze is well-versed in. They’re also topics that matter significantly to most Finance of America clients. Familiarizing yourself with her strategies can do a world of good for you and your network of clients.


3. Lori Harder

darren-nolander-lori-harderTo Lori Harder, happiness isn’t a right or a privilege. It’s a way of being. And in Lori’s world, happiness is the only way of being. It’s making a conscious decision everyday to create the

thoughts, words, actions and self-love that lead to positive outcomes – and that help us deal with the inevitable setbacks.

Harder challenges you to examine what’s keeping you from achieving your goals and leading your best life. Chances are high this obstacle is fear. Whether it’s fear of success, failure or simply change, fear can stop us in our tracks and keep us stagnant. Through her own journey and her work with others, Harder can provide the added motivation you need to breakthrough those barriers and go after exactly what you want. Essentially achieving what happiness means to you.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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