darren-videoIf you haven’t noticed, video is a massive part of our lives nowadays. TikTok, YouTube, IG reels, Facebook stories, Netflix, Zoom, regular television…you name it, and it’s likely on film. That should include you.

There are many ways you can utilize the power of video without standing in front of the camera, droning on for minutes on end (every video newbie’s worst fear. That and sweating).

Here are a handful of ways you can mix up your video marketing efforts to keep the content fresh and inviting. 


I don’t have to tell you how valuable reviews are. Industries like ours are built on them. These reviews can be taken to the next level when they’re recorded. There are plenty of software programs out there that allow you to send a testimonial invite link to your clients. 

From there, they can click on the link and use their laptop, smartphone or tablet camera to share their firsthand experience with the world. This is a very valuable tool. The “directly from the horse’s mouth” approach can do wonders for your reputation. 

Plus, readers can’t detect tone or facial expressions in a written review. Have a happy camper? Share it with the world through a video testimonial!


Sometimes a little time in front of the camera is exactly what you need. Or, better yet, what your subscribers need. Video emails are a great way to engage through technology. They can be sent en masse, or personalized for a one-on-one experience. Few things make someone feel more heard, seen and special than a video message addressed just to them – sites like Cameo have built a whole industry on it!

The best part is these videos are casual. You can record them on the fly whether you’re sitting on the train during your daily commute, leaving the office or finding a few minutes during a commercial break. You don’t need a studio set up. People want to see the real, authentic you and this vehicle provides just that.

Social Media

Like email videos, clips for social media can be recorded when and where the mood strikes. You can share these videos across all your social media platforms, or provide unique content for specific channels. Sites like Facebook and Instagram let you edit your video, add captions and correct the lighting. There are plenty of third-party apps that can do that as well.

Don’t know where to get started? Google is all over this! Choose the platform you’re curious about, then add “how to edit and upload a video” to the query. To maximize the value of these videos, it’s always a good idea to check your social media analytics. These will tell you what content is resonating the best with your followers. Platforms like Sprout Social, HubSpot and Google Analytics have you covered on that end.


A “story” breaks up videos into several segments or scenes. For our purposes a story video might tackle the question, “What is mortgage insurance and why do I need it?” The next cut would show your response, and perhaps the scene after that could have a word from an expert on the subject, such as a mortgage insurance provider (or you can just forego the expert and answer the question directly).

You can also use stories for audience participation. Ask a question or a series of questions, such as “Why do you want to buy a home?” “What are your biggest concerns going into the mortgage application process?” and “How did you find your realtor?” You can use these responses for your own knowledge or, with their permission, you can share them on your socials and website, complete with a call to action.


Everyone is a “newsbreaker” in this tech-forward world. Use the information you have to your advantage by turning the day’s top headlines into content. That shouldn’t be hard to do, considering interest rates, credit/debt and the housing industry practically monopolize the news cycles.

Outline the “news” you’re discussing and tell your audience what it means for them. As always, end with a call to action.

The way the world works nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to remain competitive without a video component. Use these strategies to craft the best video presence you can, and if you’re with APM, we’re happy to provide tools, resources, experts and already developed content to help you in your pursuits.

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