BCQWhX2YcjAPM LOGO ICONI’ve been in this business a long time (more than 20 years, if anybody’s counting), and I’m with APM for a reason. The culture, the support, the experience, the resources…I could keep going. I’ve worked with other mortgage companies in various roles – and they’ve all had their upsides and downsides – but I’ve made a conscious choice to make APM my home for a few reasons.

Here’s just a sample of what I love about this company.

Reputation. APM has more than 73,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.96 out of 5. I can tell you all day long why I love the company, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from the customers? After all, they’re the ones working directly with the loan officers – who provide a top-notch experience thanks, in part, to the support they receive. We all know people who are passionate about their jobs, services, products and companies and they make the best representatives because they mean every word they say. Customer satisfaction is so high because loan officer satisfaction is so high!

Connection. APM values its loan officers and their teams, and always encourages these individuals to grow their network. We know we can provide the best service for our clients if we’re armed with relationships that matter, so we continue to build, foster and appreciate everyone who works so hard to ensure a client gets into their dream home.

Technology. We have tools in place that can help clients when you’re not available. This includes our mobile app, which allows borrowers to upload documents and check the status of their applications at any time. You can easily customize co-branded apps with your referral partners, share customized links with borrowers and remain in constant communication with your clients all through the tap of a screen.

Marketing. In-house marketing professionals, graphic design support, social media support, and bi-monthly newsletters and educational materials are all at your disposal with APM. Our team can create personalized marketing materials, co-branded items for partners and deliver personalized campaigns through our automated CRM.

Guarantees. You know how competitive it is out there for would-be homebuyers. We make your job easier by making their job easier. Our Keys on Time and TBD Loan Approvals provide confidence and peace of mind that our borrowers are fully funded and can close on time. This doesn’t just benefit the borrower. These programs can provide sellers with the assurances they need to take our borrowers’ offers seriously.

Security. It’s a competitive market, but one that feels uncertain for many. Will rates go up or down? Will the market cool or heat up? We don’t have crystal balls, but we do have our SecureLock Program, which lets borrowers lock in rates for up to 12 months. They can even take advantage of a one-time float to market if rates improve before their loan documents are signed. Just one more way we arm our loan officers with the tools they need to make their borrowers feel as secure as possible.

Diversity. APM not only values diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but among our products as well. We pride ourselves in finding a lending solution for every client, which is why our loan officers have such a large arsenal to choose from. These include everything from conforming options to FHA, VA and USDA loans, down payment assistance programs, Jumbo options, and non-QM and specialty programs.

Support. Every branch has a dedicated concierge that can act as a conduit between the branch and APM’s home office. There is an originator-focused compliance team that can quickly provide solutions to prevent your borrower’s application from stalling. The credit risk committee is there when an exception needs to be reviewed regarding underwriting approvals. The help desk can assist with tech and troubleshooting questions, and the events team is here to create memorable gatherings that educate and celebrate the good people who make this company what it is today.

Giving. APMCares has helped more than 46,000 individuals and families since 2015. The company has also donated more than $367,000 to hundreds of organizations. APMCares not only assists in-need APM employees and their families, but the larger communities as well. The program is always open to more opportunities to give back. That team is happy to hear from you anytime you may hear of an individual or organization in need of a helping hand.

I could keep going, but my fingers are getting tired! Needless to say, APM puts its people first – and that starts with the loan officers. You can take your business as far as you want it to go thanks to the people, resources and support behind you at American Pacific Mortgage.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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