Working with America’s Veterans Produce Winning Results

How to interact with the unique veteran/military population

darren-nolander-veteran-featuredWhether it’s on the job, at work or out in society, none of us like to be taken for granted. Now, imagine how that lack of appreciation would feel if you put your life on the line serving our country? America’s veterans have done exactly that. While there is no way to ever fully repay them, we can acknowledge their service to a country we’re so proud of, it’s included in our firm’s name.

That’s why Finance of America is committed to honoring these vets by helping them achieve the American Dream. As you know, the VA loan has flexible requirements, including no down payment. This is what makes this product ideal for qualified members of the military (and their spouses), whether they’re looking to purchase their first home or have been down this road before.

Many of us can get caught up in the day-in, day-out clientele we’re used to seeing. I challenge you to not make it so easy on yourself. Seek out events and celebrations that attract large populations of the military and its veterans. This might include Labor Day parades, Military Appreciation Nights at sporting events, museum tours or even air shows at your local base.

Begin to develop a rapport with these fine individuals – not because you need help securing more clients – but because you can offer help to a population that deserves it most. Regardless of your politics, these men and women have given a lot for us. Let’s give a little back by taking a moment to understand their situations and offer assistance when and where we can.

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