You’re Being Audited

darren-nolander-audit-featuredTop-line revenue growth doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, it takes conscious effort to ensure all your processes are streamlined for maximum effectiveness. This begins with a pro-active self-audit.

Be honest. How diligently do you check in with clients? Can they depend on you to answer all their questions? If so, are you answering those questions once they’ve answered your call…or after they called you with questions? If it’s the latter, up your game by checking in more frequently. You don’t want to be a bother, but a little communication that lets them know you’re there goes a long way, especially in the early homebuying stages!

Check-ins can also be a great way to see where you can add value. This doesn’t necessarily mean seeking out a referral or initiating an application. Real value comes in the form of providing something a client needs. Sometimes that’s answering a question. Other times, it’s pointing them toward a resource. And other times still, it may very well be contacting their aging parents to discuss a reverse mortgage. But you’ll never know what they need if you don’t ask. Be sure to schedule regular follow ups that allow you to touch base before someone else is able to swoop in and add the value that should’ve been provided by you!

Adding value also means following through on your word. Don’t promise the moon if you’re not positive you can deliver it. Trust is everything in this business. Without it, you’re a sinking ship. Make it your goal to over-perform while setting realistic time frames and expectations with clients.

Finally, make it a point to share the wealth. Whether you’re providing information, a better deal, service demonstrations or customer referrals, the more you’re able to give, the more valuable you become to the receiver. This is true whether you’re interacting with potential borrowers or other real estate professionals. Relationships should always be a two-way street. Make sure you’re doing your part to keep your side of the street open, accessible and attractive.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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